What is Atid Bamidbar?
Located in Yeroham and serving the Negev since 1990, Atid Bamidbar connects Jews and Israelis with each other and with their heritage and the environment in creative ways. Atid Bamidbar works to strengthen social solidarity and Jewish peoplehood – an existential need of the State of Israel – and builds bridges across the gaps in Israeli society, fostering mutual acquaintance and respect around a common denominator of Jewish and Israeli culture, in an open, pluralistic, and egalitarian approach. Atid Bamidbar promotes collaborations between individuals, organizations, population sectors and municipalities, which help to build the human and cultural foundation for Negev development.

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PO Box 220, Nahal Tsin 41, Yeroham, Israel
Atid Bamidbar has transformed Yeroham into a regional center for Jewish renewal and communal-cultural-educational initiatives. In 2016 Atid Bamidbar programs enriched the lives of 16,000 people of all ages from Israel and abroad.
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