Atid Bamidbar offers a range of engaging activities for individuals and groups of all ages. Our programs all focus on Jewish values, history, and group-building, and can all be conducted in English.

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This game for visiting groups takes you on an exciting study-tour of Yeroham. Armed with maps and smartphones, you will be asked to fulfill tasks and take photographs and videos. At the end of your visit, you will receive a DVD with a film-clip based on  these materials and documenting your group's activity in Yeroham.  ​

Yeroham Treasure Hunt

The Culinary Queens of Yeroham is a social project in which women host Yeroham visitors in their homes for an unforgettable experience of smells, colors and flavors. You are invited to a meal of ethnic delicacies with home hospitality and stories from the community, accompanied by the organization's facilitators, for a rich human, cultural and culinary experience.


Culinary Queens of Yeroham

Of all the beautiful places in the world, the desert was chosen as the site for Revelation and giving of the Torah. This unique desert experience combines a brief walk, text study, meditation, and personal reflection in the desert landscape: Yeroham Makhtesh (Crater), Mt. Avnun, the “White Mountain” or the Yeroham Lake Park.​

Why was Torah given in the Desert

What is vision? How is it different from a goal? Can a group have a vision? We will discuss the answers to these and other questions in an experiential workshop that includes building a simple kite, drawing or writing our personal vision on it, and trying to fly it high in the desert skies. 

Kites & Vision

Encounter people from diverse communities, backgrounds, and generations. Hear the stories of immigrants who arrived in the 1950s, young adults who came to Yeroham in organized Religious-Zionist settlement groups, and native-born young people who decided to return to their home town. 

Panel Discussion with Residents of Yeroham

Salima and Nura, local Bedouin women, will host you in their tents in the unrecognized village of Rahmah for a discussion about life in the village and the dreams of these entrepreneurial women.

Neighbors: Bedouin Hospitality

A fascinating guided car or bicycle-tour of Yeroham featuring nature, history, and breathtaking scenery, from Hagar's Well and the Yeroham Lake Park, through the town, to the Mt Avnun look-out on the Yeroham Mahtesh. The tour can focus on varied topics (entrepreneurship, environment, women, geography, economics, education, personal encounters, multi-culturalism, health, Negev development, etc.) depending on the nature and desire of the group.

Between the Lake and the Makhtesh (Crater)

Gain insight into organizational challenges such as handling conflict, improving service, building team spirit, defining responsibility vs. authority, identifying management models, and more - all as taught in the Bible, Talmud, and other Jewish sources. The program also includes texts from the world of organizational psychology, and is run by experienced professional facilitators.

Leadership and Management as taught in Jewish Sources

Yeroham has become a nationally and internationally recognized "robotics empire" over the past few years. Meet the inspiring initiators of the educational and scientific revolution and members of the high school robotics team, in the robotics workshop or at the Science Center. 

On Education, Revolution, and Robotics

A rich assortment of challenging and exciting facilitated group tasks designed to develop team spirit and improve participants’ communication and leadership skills. Together, we will reflect on group processes and gain insights into their personal and organizational significance. 

Outdoor Training (ODT)

Visit Yeroham's developing industries, such as the Cohen Brothers' Liquor Factory, specializing in Arak made according to a secret family recipe from Morocco, or the Yeroham High Tech Center, where dreamers and entrepreneurs create new realities. 

Industry in Yeroham

Yigal Dan, leader of the “Raga Tunes” Indian Jewish musical ensemble, introduces you to the Bnei Israel Indian community in Yeroham and the world of Indian rhythms, starting with body-drumming and musical games, and moving on to joint drumming and singing. 

Drumming Workshop

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Strengthening Your Team 

Fascinating programs for employees' committees, factories and businesses seeking special experiences. 
A flower in the desert is especially beautiful. Call us to ask what is blooming now and come to see the natural wonders: squills, crocuses, Yeroham Irises and more.

Flowers in the Desert