Atid Bamidbar staff has extensive experience and noted success working with Russian-speaking Israelis throughout the Negev. Our popular programs include "Seminars on Wheels" for families, courses and lecture series, cultural events, and Jewish holiday celebrations. ​

Yeroham Treasure Hunt

This game for visiting groups takes you on an exciting study-tour of Yeroham. Armed with maps and smartphones, you will be asked to fulfill tasks and take photographs and videos. At the end of your visit, you will receive a DVD with a film-clip based on  these materials and documenting your group''s activity in Yeroham.  ​
Of all the beautiful places in the world, the desert was chosen as the site for Revelation and giving of the Torah. This unique desert experience combines a brief walk, text study, meditation, and personal reflection in the desert landscape: Yeroham Makhtesh (Crater), Mt. Avnun, the “White Mountain” or the Yeroham Lake Park.​

Why Torah was given
in the Desert

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Therefore the Torah was given in the desert...                                      
      so all who want to receive it, may come and receive it.
Meet with Salima, a Bedouin mother of seven who fights to change the status of women in the village Rahme, an unrecognized Bedouin village on the outskirts of Yeroham.

Bedouin Hospitality

The Culinary Queens of Yeroham is a social project in which women host Yeroham visitors in their homes for an unforgettable experience of smells, colors and flavors. You are invited to a meal of ethnic delicacies with home hospitality and stories from the community, accompanied by the organization's facilitators, for a rich human, cultural and culinary experience.


Culinary Queens of Yeroham

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